urthe1icant4get (urthe1icant4get) wrote,

Goodbye 2004 where...

+i made a buttload of radass new friends carli, mallory, peatree, cam, corie, stephanie, the awf boys, the sl kids, the knock first boys(r.i.p.), the pnd kids(r.i.p.) zach, phillip, stephanie, megan, leslie, scotty, chani, nicole
+i took my obsessions to a higher level and learned the art of stalking people...tee hee hee
+i found a buttload of new bands
+i went to sheeeit load of concerts
+i was in a music video..that did nothing..damn nhoi!
+i went thru a spiral of depression
+i learned to be more outgoing
+i was promised something by a certain DOUCHEBAG for new years eve...that didnt happen! ass...
+i turned 18

Hello 2005...

where my grandma is in the hospital my family is freaking out and aaaahhhhhh! already..it has started..GREAT!


1. no more stalking people
2. be more outgoing
3. fall in love?
4. get my license
5. get a job

heh..we'll see how those go...tee hee!!!!!!
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