urthe1icant4get (urthe1icant4get) wrote,

ok so yesterday wasnt a total bust...
as much as i was completley bummed out about the damn waether i still had a pretty good day we went to the mall and i was in a really pissy/bad mood but that was chaged when we ran into some friends we hadnt seen in a while...garett jordan and randell and we kinda met the guy who could possibly be their new singer...hottie! haha so that was pretty good then we came home cuz the mall got boring...hung out at the house for a while and then went to wahoo's we surprised tiff by having fancy pants come...and then we came home and did the whole cake thing...and i made a wish and it came true!!!!!!! i was so happy...i wished i could talk to andrew because it has really been WAAAAY to long..and i talked to andrew last night...it was kinda wierd...two things i wanted happened yesterday...my "birthday wishes" never come true...it kinda made me happy...but yah i have a shit load of pictures to put up because we played dress up last night but i really dont feel like it...and i am gonna have more to put up after tonight and stuff soooo perhaps later tonight or tomorrow...alrighty?? mucho loveo!!!! muah!!!
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