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welcome to the backlash of christmas

for those who have no idea what i am talking about..its basically the days between december 26 and january 2 where everyone is pissed about what they did and didnt get for christmas and frantically trying to return things they dont want without hurting anyones feelings, and buying more shit that they really never needed in the first place. people figure that december 26 means they dont have to be nice anymore..christmas is over the feeling is gone my family already took down the tree and i am so fucking depressed...i can not stand it.

i want to get away today was one of those days i would have loved to just drive. just get in a car and drive for hours listening to loud screaming music so loud i cant hear myself screaming at the top of my lungs...that is what i wish i could have done today...instead i went to best buy to get a memory card for my camera and to jamba juice..i was going to venture to the mall but i decided i didnt feel like getting into a fight with someone who was to bitchy to notice other human beings around.

maybe im the bitchy one...maybe thats what the problem is i dont know im going to be 18 in 27 hours and 20 minutes and i am really pissed about the weather it is never on my side. it always rains on my birthday..one year i would love for it not to rain...that would be wonderful so i could actually do what i planned on doing and not have to cut things short due to rain...i hate it..its rediculous.

fuck christmas backlash and get me out of this town...i really think im ready for my "knight in shining armor" to come rescue me now...
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