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ok so i really thought that last night was gonna suck out loud because michelle couldnt go, kasey couldnt go, and stephanie never let me know if she could go or not so i assumed she couldnt go or didnt want to or something of that sort and carli didnt go...so i was sad about those four...but it was a lot of fun!

driving with tiffani and jessica is something i want to do all the time!!!
"OMG! its chris and ryan!!!"
*steph walks by them*
"uhm...tiff..it wasnt chris and ryan"
"yes it was fucker!"
"uhm you stupid idiot i walked right by them..it wasnt fucking them"
"GET in the fucking car!"
haha i love driving with them...we sing at the top of our lungs, we yell at stupid idiots who dont know how to drive, we pass by cars that are ON FIRE about to blow up...and then we get into fights cuz tiff doesnt know where she is going! haha i love them!!!! i love my sister!!! haha

i loved my conversation with mallory too
MAl,"are you here?"
Steph,"no im not here"
Mal,"when are you going to get here?"
Steph,"uhm we will prolly be here in about a half hour"
Mal,"ok well i'll see you when you get here"
Steph,"ok i'll call u when we get here"

ok so i had a really good time last night...i effing LOVE mallory, cori, peatree, and cam!!!! they are some of the greatest people i know!!!! we took a picture with santa claus...the snowmen...on a sleigh...and on a sled gliding into the snow!!! omg..sooooooo much fun! and we made mike get in the one with us on thes sled! haha i will post them when i get to my mom house with my scanner!!! yay! but we ended up NOT seeing a weekend flight play because they decided that they go on at 1045 instead of 945...assholes...we had to be home by 11...jackasses! haha but walking to the car with everyone was so much fun...i became roadkill...we walked into where it said do not enter...wow..we had so much fun! i will post pictures when i get them!!! haha and i think im done now..sheeit..this is a looong entry! haha

p.s. cam...next time i see you...your getting rapped!!! *gasp* oh you whore! haha love yah!
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